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Sign up for a course and start learning more about the real estate business.  The best advice I can give is, "Never stop learning!  You are never too old to learn!"  Coaching and Training is a vital part in learning to do and be better.  



"I did not hesitate to sign up to her class..."


"Every week the Real Estate office would have a meeting. As a new agent I became quickly aware of the pattern of those meetings. The boss would ask, Any new listings this week? Candice Bakx-Friesen always had 1-3 listings per week to report and I had zero. On occasion a different sales person had a listing to report. The consistency of her listings had me curious about her work habits. How was it that after three years in the business she had 30 listings at a time? I soon learned that Candice had been inspired by training that she had received. I was not surprised that five years later Candice Bakx-Friesen set out to become a trainer. I did not hesitate to sign up to her class in Winnipeg recently. The course material is good. The experience she has as an agent implementing the course material makes it valuable. Candice Bakx-Friesen has been the top producer at Sutton Group-Kilkenny for several years. Perhaps there is something you can learn from her. How are you going to increase your inventory? "

— T.P.

"To be successful in life and in business, we have to listen to the experts!"


“To be successful in life and in business, we have to listen to the experts. In my case, the best advice I have recently received and implemented was from Candice Bakx-Friesen- She told me that to be successful and to make money, I need to make sure to get out of the house, or speak to at least one client a day. I also have to say “yes!” more! Instead of saying “let’s meet”, I don’t leave the conversation without setting a time and date. I have been doing this for work, for friends and for family and it has been working well. I have a full schedule, cash is trickling in, and I am feeling much happier- so are my peeps because I am making time for them and committing. I even book “me days” and guilt free, take off to the beach or whatever I need to do. My new mantra of “have gas? Have wings! No excuses!” has been working for me! Onward and forward.  (2017)"

— M.C.

"My new confidence, combined with the strategies and tips..."


“One-on-one coaching with Candice has shown me that building my business isn’t just about sales and listings. It is also about building my confidence, time management, setting & exceeding goals (both personal and business), communicating & building relationships.  My new confidence, combined with the strategies and tips that I’ve learned from Candice, has helped me to become a more successful Realtor. With a more personal approach than the “big guys”, Candice has shown me that there is more to success than deal count & I now have a solid foundation which I can grow my business on.”

— D.M.




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