"I now have a solid foundation..."

“One-on-one coaching with Candice has shown me that building my business isn't just about sales and listings.  It is also about building my confidence, time management, setting & exceeding goals (both personal and business), communicating & building relationships.  My new confidence, combined with the strategies and tips that I've learned from Candice, has helped me to become a more successful Realtor.  With a more personal approach than the "big guys", Candice has shown me that there is more to success than deal count & I now have a solid foundation which I can grow my business on.”

— D.M.

"To be successful in life & in business, we have to listen to the experts."

“To be successful in life and in business, we have to listen to the experts. In my case, the best advice I have recently received and implemented was from Candice Bakx-Friesen- She told me that to be successful and to make money, I need to make sure to get out of the house, or speak to at least one client a day. I also have to say “yes!” more! Instead of saying “let’s meet”, I don’t leave the conversation without setting a time and date. I have been doing this for work, for friends and for family and it has been working well. I have a full schedule, cash is trickling in, and I am feeling much happier- so are my peeps because I am making time for them and committing. I even book “me days” and guilt free, take off to the beach or whatever I need to do. My new mantra of “have gas? Have wings! No excuses!” has been working for me! Onward and forward.  (2017)”

— M.C.




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